About Jake

This is the official website of the official Jake Kassen of Boston, MA. This site is mostly to have something on the front of this domain which gets used for various purposes. I pledge to update this page at least once a decade.

I’m active in the New England Randonneurs, Inc. Randonneuring is a form of long distance, non-competitive, endurance cycling.

I maintain CardOMatic, a system for RUSA volunteers to generate documents for Brevets, Perms, and Fleches. I also wrote Geosearch, a system for finding RUSA rides. Oh, and a system for quickly calculating control times on RUSA events.

My day job is communications technology management in higher education. Mostly IT and Broadcast Engineering stuff. Pretty boring to most.

My partner, Emily O’Brien, is a far more interesting person. She’s the proprietor of Dill Pickle International Holdings, LLC (d/b/a Dill Pickle Gear) — the maker of the finest cycling bags sold.

Which is mostly just a domain placeholder.